Finally a book that puts an end to romantic notions of farm life!

The English edition of the first part of our book series "Max & Fine"


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Little Fiona and her family live out in the country.
Their neighbour is Ronnie, a farmer who has lots of dairy cows.
One of the cows is called Louise and she is Fiona’s special friend.
Fiona visits her friend every day and brings her fresh grass because soon Louise will have her first little calf: Max.

But when Max is born, and Fiona goes to see Max and Louise in their box, Max has disappeared!
Fiona goes looking for him and finds him locked up in a tiny little box on another part of the farm.

 Why are Max and Louise not together?
Why isn’t Max allowed to have Louise’s milk?
And what are the grownups trying to hide?

 “Max and Fiona” is about friendship, courage, believing in yourself, freedom and milk.
It shows that you can change something if you believe in it.


A book for people ages 5 and up by Marco Mehring

Illustrations: Kerstin Falkenstein
128 pages with 39 colored illustrations

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ISBN: 978-3-7323-5628-7


Since its publication in Germany, the book “Max & Fiona” (German original title: “Max & Fine”) has become one of the most successful books about farm life.

It is the first children’s book worldwide to show where milk comes from, what really happens to farm animals and what the connection between milk and meat is.

 The quality of the writing and the expressive illustrations by Kerstin Falkenstein make this book a potential children’s classic.

"Max & Fiona" is imaginative, caring and suitable for children, as well as providing a gripping read for adults and being ideal to read out loud.

It presents a thorny, socially relevant topic that is of concern to everyone – the milk industry - without ever succumbing to ideological lecturing.
Children’s books about animal rights are rare. When we try to explain to children the real reason why animals live on a farm we are caught between being unsettlingly direct or trivialising the subject.
"Max & Fiona" tells of the friendship between Fiona, a five-year old girl, Louise the cow and her new-born calf Max.

The story successfully navigates between being too direct or too trivial and does away with romantic notions of farm life, showing what really happens.
Through Fiona’s eyes, old and young readers and listeners learn what Max’s fate will be once he has been separated from his mother. They also learn that it is worth putting up a fight when you are up against a situation with a seemingly inevitable outcome.
Lively characters, a captivating story that explains without trying to shock, and attractive illustrations make this book unique. It provides a vivid introduction to the themes of friendship, self-confidence, courage, freedom, solidarity, empathy and milk.
Recommended by „Animal Equality

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